Transport Managers have a legal responsibility to ensure their operations are complaint with regulations. It is vital that the person in this responsibility remains current.

The Transport Manager CPC refresher course is designed to update transport managers on compliance and best practice. The two day course counts for Driver CPC hours, crediting 14 hours of training for candidates opting to pay the upload fee.

Things are changing all the time and it’s vital to ensure you are up to date on legislation changes and how they affect your business.

Transport Managers and company directors both make undertakings to ensure that staff are properly trained to do their jobs. This also applies to the Transport Manager themselves so often operators will use the TM CPC refresher course to ensure and prove compliance.

Our 2 day course gives a refresh of updated legislation and ensures the candidate understands the key functions and responsibilities of a Transport Manager. This course is suitable for candidates looking to hold a new Transport Manager position. There are separate courses for Road Haulage and Passenger Transport CPC holders, this course is for Road Haulage transport managers.

This course is also very useful for directors operating vehicles under a Restricted operators licence were no transport manager is required. It gives a firm grounding in the requirements of compliance.

Operators looking to vary their Operators Licence may be required to show evidence of a transport manager refresher course during their application to change their license. This course taken prior to application can be submitted as evidence that the operator is looking to remain compliant and may increase the chances of approval of the variation. 

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After 10 years in the haulage industry, rising to running my own small fleet of vehicles, I left the cab behind to focus on training the next generation of drivers. I now run RPS Driven Media, give driving lessons as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and relate my experience of road haulage in Driver CPC courses throughout the year.

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