As drivers and as operators we have a duty to ensure that our business does the minimum damage to the environment. Road transport is always going to be a carbon emitter, even with electric vehicles, hydrogen and hybrid beginning to enter the passenger carrying and freight carrying industries.

The Fuel Efficient Driving classroom course for Driver CPC aims to give drivers the necessary theoretical information to ensure they are driving in an environmentally conscious way.

For the driver it means fewer interruptions and less time spent at the fuel pumps in the rain; always something to be aimed for.





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3.5 hours


For the operator it means that one of the key costs involved in the movement of anything by road is reduced. Less time at the pumps for the driver means less fuel going in. Less fuel going in means smaller bills and a healthier bank balance. Whats not to like?

Course Content

  • The benefits of fuel efficient driving
  • Fuels and Fluids
  • Use of vehicles
  • Vehicle safety walk around check
  • Other factors
  • Driving safely and fuel efficiently

Driver CPC

This module is approved for 3.5 hours of Driver CPC periodic training and must be taken in conjunction with another module. Driver CPC hours are only credited to holders of a valid C1, C, D, D+E or C+E licence.



After 10 years in the haulage industry, rising to running my own small fleet of vehicles, I left the cab behind to focus on training the next generation of drivers. I now run RPS Driven Media, give driving lessons as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and relate my experience of road haulage in Driver CPC courses throughout the year.

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