Arranging training for your staff is a tricky thing to manage. It can get quite costly too. At RPS Driven Media Ltd we recognise this and are looking to remove some of the strains of getting your drivers up to speed with Driver CPC or Dangerous Goods Awareness training courses.

Some of the difficulties you can face are:

  • Cost – while we try to keep our costs to a minimum, of course we are in this to make a profit! That means that we have to pass on all of the costs we have to you.
  • Another cost – Milage costs for your drivers to attend training. Most employment contracts specify a place of work, if you are sending your employee to another location for a day of training, you are responsible for the reasonable costs of travelling to that alternate location.
  • And yet more cost!: You are sending the driver for this course, which means they are at work. That means you have to pay them. On top of that, you have to pay for the agency driver or your own relief driver to cover their work for the day, or stand their vehicle for a day. That could mean that your vehicle costs you £200 for the day and earns you nothing.
  • Finding a suitable course: Driver CPC companies are running courses all day every day. But, what if you need a dangerous goods awareness course and none of them are running one? What if you are having infringement issues and feel that Drivers Hours and Working Time would be the best subject to cover, but all the training providers are pairing that module with something completely useless to your business, or worse, a module your drivers have done previously in this CPC cycle?
  • Finding a course that’s being run at the right times: Start and end times for courses tend to be pretty uniform. We start at 0800 and run though to about 1630 for most of our courses. Most companies also schedule their courses on week days, when you are busiest.

So, what is the solution?

Commissioning RPS Driven Media Ltd to deliver an on-site course at your location is a great way to address most of these concerns.

  • Cost: By hosting the course yourself, you can save on the cost we have of hiring a venue to deliver the training. This only makes up a small portion of our course fee but every little helps, as one of the major supermarkets would have you believe.
  • Another cost: By hosting the training at your operating centre, the driver isn’t being required to travel to another working location which means you save on business milage expenses.
  • And another cost: By scheduling a ‘Work and Learn’ CPC, you can still benefit from the driver’s productivity in the day and deliver training on two consecutive evenings, (or mornings for night shift drivers). This drastically reduces the financial impact of the training on your business.
  • Recoup some of the cost: If you have 10 drivers needing training but can fit 15 drivers into the training room, you can sell your ‘spare’ spaces to other companies or to agency drivers you work with regularly, which will lower the overall cost to your business.
  • Finding a suitable course: You’ve commissioned the course, which means that you get to decide what is in it. This is within reason of course, our modules are approved by the DVSA and the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training. All of the content in each module must be delivered, though we can add in relevant additional content if you have a specific requirement.

    What you can do is select the modules which most closely meet the specific needs of your business. Getting infringements? Do drivers hours. Getting a lot of parking tickets? Safe and Legal Driver, or Delivering the Goods will help with this. The list goes on.
  • Finding a course that is being run at the right times: You contact us, we agree a date; when in that day we deliver the training is completely up to you. Again, this is within reason. If you ask for a night shift course and we are booked for 0800 the next day, we might have to say no, but on the whole, we are as flexible as you need us to be.

So how do I book an on-site course?

Stage 1Complete our Course Request form and select On site at company for the delivery method.
Stage 2RPS Driven Media will contact you to discuss your booking. At this time we will discuss things like class size, confirm the requested content and confirm the location for the training.
Stage 3Site visit: Before delivering any training, we are required to carry out a site risk assessment which will be included in the course booking form with JAUPT to validate the course for training.
Stage 4RPS Driven Media will arrive at your location no later than 30 minutes prior to course start to set up. We will deliver the course, which will include 7 hours of content, 2 x 15 minute comfort breaks and 1 x 30 minute lunch break. These breaks are timed to ensure compliance with the Working Time Directive (Mobile Workers) Regulations.

We will, at the end of the course, require 30 minutes to pack away and leave the venue.
Stage 5On return to our office, we will arrange for the completed training hours to be uploaded to the DVSA for your drivers and any other delegates. You will receive the certificates of attendance either; at the completion of the course they will be signed by the trainer and handed to each driver or by email within 48 hours of course completion for you to print and distribute.

How much will this cost my business?

We are doing our best to reduce the costs to your company as much as possible. We truly understand that the key to successful business is not what you spend, but more often, what you don’t spend.

The charges for this service are transparent and detailed below:

The Trainer and Course Materials.A named trainer for the duration of the course.
All power-point presentations and printed materials.
All required documentation.

Travel ExpensesFor courses hosted within 10 miles of S8 8ET.


For courses hosted over 10 miles from S8 8ET.

£0.45p per mile.

For courses hosted over 50 miles from S8 8ET.

Accommodation expenses my be charged.
DCPC Upload ChargesPer delegate:

Current Driver CPC 4U upload charges confirmed at the time of the booking.

What equipment do I need to provide?

RPS Driven Media can supply most of the equipment needed to deliver the course at your location. Below is a list of all the items which you may need to provide. You must supply items in red.

  • A suitable room for the number of delegates attending the course.

    The room should be able to hold all the delegates either in a classroom format, U Shaped table format or for smaller groups, a boardroom format.
  • A desk and chair for each delegate.

    More than one delegate may be placed at each desk as long as there is sufficient space for them to sit comfortably for extended periods and they can see the trainer at all times. Government guidance on social distancing must be observed at all times.
  • A desk and chair for the trainer.
  • A large display screen.

    Either a projector and screen or a large TV. Some companies may have a room where each desk has its own smaller display screen driven by one computer at the trainers station. This is acceptable if available but every delegate must be able to see the presentation.
  • A white board or flip chart.

  • Access to sanitation facilities.

    Venues must allow access to permanent or semi-permanent toilets for all delegates and the trainer. Portable toilets are not acceptable. Temporary site cabins with plumbed in facilities are acceptable. Hand washing facilities must be in full working order and stocked with consumable supplies for the duration of the course.
  • An area outside of the training room where delegates and the trainer can take breaks.

    This must include an area for smoking/vaping and should also include a place to get or make a hot drink and take lunch.
  • Suitable off road or safe and secure parking for the trainers vehicle and additional parking for any external delegates booked on to the course.

    The trainer should be allowed to park at or close to a suitable access point for the loading or unloading of materials to and from the training room.

After 10 years in the haulage industry, rising to running my own small fleet of vehicles, I left the cab behind to focus on training the next generation of drivers. I now run RPS Driven Media, give driving lessons as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor and relate my experience of road haulage in Driver CPC courses throughout the year.

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